Home Loans Ventura

Buying a home in Ventura, CA, is exciting, but figuring out the financing side can feel overwhelming. Once you decide your goals, determine your budget, and reviewed your credit,  it's time to choose a mortgage. From looking for your first home to planning your home improvement, Amerifund has the best home loan options you need. At Amerifund, we offer a wide range of loan programs in Ventura to meet almost any homeowner's financial needs. We can help you find the home loan that fits your budget. Here is a brief overview of each type of home loan we offer


Buying a home in Ventura is a big deal since the market is ever changing. Homebuyers should be aware of the various mortgage programs and down payment assistance options to look out for. At Amerifund, we offer home loans that fit just right. You'll enjoy these benefits: 

  • Great interest rates
  • Flexible down payment options
  • Local servicing offered on most loans
  • In-house underwriting and processing
  • Home buying resources 


You are likely paying a high-interest rate than the current rates. Our mortgage loan experts can help you evaluate your current mortgage situation and give you better refinancing options that could save you more money. Refinancing can lower your monthly mortgage payment or provide you a one-time cash payment by tapping into your home's equity. We'll give you affordable rates and flexible terms so that you can have peace of mind no matter which loan type you choose. You'll enjoy these benefits: 

  • Flexible down payment options
  • FHA and conventional financing
  • In-house underwriting and processing

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgage loans are used to pay for daily living expenses and home renovations—homeowners who have an existing mortgage use this loan to pay off their monthly mortgage payments. A reverse mortgage has unique features; therefore, you need to understand how they work. Contact us today for a personal consultation to decide if a reverse mortgage is right for you.

Home Equity Line

Support your purchase by accessing your home's equity with home equity lines of credit (HELOC). When you work with the team at Amerifund, you have access to fast underwriting, competitive rates, and local service. Our home equity loans offer affordable down payments, flexible loan terms, and low fixed rates; interest may be tax-deductible. Choose from home equity lines of credit, home equity loans, or first mortgage equity loans to help you pay for a new house, renovate or remodel your home, or consolidate debt. Whatever your plans, Amerifund can help with equity options, mortgage options, and more to help you achieve your goal. 

We Are Here To Help

Are you ready to achieve your home buying dreams? Contact Amerifund at (800) 570-5626 today to meet with our mortgage loan officers and get the best rates.

The professionals at Amerifund know the market and are here to help. Our interest rates are competitive, and you can rest assured that your home loan application process in Ventura, CA, will be easy.

Home Loans Ventura

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Home Loans Ventura

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