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Realtors act as the middle-man between buyers and sellers, making the property selling process smoother for both parties. Sean Dailey has plenty of experience closing deals on both commercial and residential properties. If you’re after a property in Chicago, you can find Sean Dailey contact info on our website.

When should you hire a realtor?

Generally, realtors benefit everyone in any property buying or selling scenario. They will handle all the complicated paperwork involved and ensure proper communication with the other party. However, we especially recommend hiring realtors if you are new to the real estate market or looking for a property out of state. You need someone who knows the real estate market inside out, to avoid making the wrong choice.

You should also hire a realtor if you’re quite busy in your day to day life or feel uncomfortable negotiating with property sellers. Realtors can use their expert negotiation skills and market knowledge to fight for the best possible deal on your behalf. They can also communicate things like needing extra repairs or work that the house needs before you buy it.

For sellers, it is highly beneficial to hire realtors, especially if the sale is urgent. You need all the information possible on the current real estate market to decide on a good sale price. Without realtors, you may end up overestimating or underestimating the sale price, which means you’ll either waste time or lose money.

How should I choose a good realtor?

As any good consumer knows, it is always good to speak to several realtors before making a choice. Search for realtors in your desired area online or ask people you know for recommendations. Compile a list of at least three realtors.

You should look for people who sold properties similar to yours, and in the location you desire. If you want to either buy or sell a property in the Chicago area, you can find our Sean Dailey contact info on our website. After handling multiple projects, both commercial and residential, we have the expertise and experience of the real estate market to get you the best deal.

How to interview realtors

Once you narrow down your list of realtors, you should meet them in person. The first question to ask is, naturally, how much experience they have in the area and the kind of property you’re buying or selling. If they’re relatively new, you should ask for a list of references to contact. If they’re seasoned realtors, you can most often find many customer testimonials on their website.

Transparency and communication are essential qualities you should look into realtors. Choose a realtor that you feel comfortable communicating with and puts effort into keeping you updated. If they are not keen on answering phone calls or emails at this stage, it would only get worse from then on.

If you’re looking into Chicago’s real estate market, Sean Dailey is a seasoned expert in this area.  You can find Sean Dailey contact info and about our services on our site.

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