mortgage broker in Calgary Steven Crews

Meet Steve Crews

Steven Crews is a mortgage broker with Paragon Mortgage Inc.

I have always had a passion for real estate.  When I was in my pre-teens, we moved to a new neighborhood and I would love to watch the homes around us getting built.

I always dreamed about owning real estate.  When I turned 16, I started to work for a bank and I began to learn about finance and how mortgages financing worked.

I stepped away from banking for a short time after University.  I traveled to the US, the UK and all over Europe.  I often think about the incredible adventure I had in Italy and Scotland for 2 years.

When I returned to Canada, I was offered a job with one of Canada's big 5 banks.  I quickly accepted and specialized in lending.

I eventually managed a few bank branches.  I enjoyed working with my staff and always loved helping clients with the financing they needed for their homes.

My branch was very successful and I was headhunted and I accepted a position as a mortgage specialist with a different "big 5" bank.

I worked there for 10 years as a mortgage specialist and then as a sales manager for the mortgage specialists.

In 2010, I became a mortgage broker to help clients with a wider range of products and services.  I really enjoy working with my clients. 

I've seen many different lending practices come and go and I've developed some really great relationships in this business.

My team and I can help clients no matter what their situation is.  We find solutions where other brokers give up. 

If there is a way to help a client, we always find it. 

If you want help with a home purchase, or you have a mortgage and need help with that, we are here for you.

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13116 Bonaventure Drive SE, Calgary, AB  T2J-5J5
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